04 September 2008

Koko Taylor - South Side Lady (1973)

1. I'm a Little Mixed Up
2. Wonder Why
3. What Kind of Man Is This?
4. Black Nights
5. Love Me to Death
6. I Got What It Takes
7. Big Boss Man
8. I'm Gonna Get Lucky
9. Twenty-Nine Ways
10. I Love a Lover Like You (Prev. Unrel.)
11. Wonder Why (Part 2) (Prev. Unrel., Live)
12. Wang Dang Doodle (Live)
13. I Got What It Takes (Live)
14. Twenty-Nine Ways (Live)
15. I Got My Mojo Working (Live)

Tracks 1-10 recorded at Condorcet Studio, Toulouse, France on December 13, 1973. Tracks 11-15 recorded live at Casmir Hall, Amstelveen, Netherlands on December 1, 1973.

Personnel: Koko Taylor (vocals), Jimmy Rogers, Louis Myers (guitar), Willie Mabon (piano), Dave Myers (bass), Fred Below (drums).

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