03 February 2009

Little Mack Simmons - Come Back To Me Baby (1998)

1 There's a Kissin' Goin' On
2 Key to the Highway
3 Tell Me Baby
4 I Got to Find My Baby
5 Don't Start Me to Talkin'
6 You Mistreated Me Baby
7 Baby (You've Got What It Takes)
8 Times Are Gettin' Tougher
9 Come Back to Me Baby
10 My Mamma Told Me
11 I'm Hooked on Your Love
12 I Got What It Takes
13 I Wonder Why

Georgia Hinton Simmons - Vocals
Junior Detroit -Piano
Little Mack Simmons - Harmonica, Vocals
John Primer - Guitar
Jake Dawson - Guitar
Earl Howell - Drums
Nick Holt - Bass
Willie Kent - Bass

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