26 February 2009

Elias Zaikos - Jimi Jam (2003)

1. Going Down (Don Nix)
2. Rock me Baby (King / Josea)
3. What have I done wrong (S. Maghett)
4. Bleeding Heart (E. James)
5. Shooting Sown / Jimi Jam (E. Zaikos)
6. Cork Boogie (E. Zaikos)
7. Hey Joe (B. Roberts)
8. Whishbone (E. Zaikos)

Jimi Jam is a tribute to the music of Jimi Hendrix.
Live at club Ydrogeios,Thessaloniki,Greece.

Elias Zaikos: Guitar & Vocal
Sotiris Zissis: Fender Bass
Alex Apostolakis: Drumkit


BlackCatBone said...

nice work!.i have allready add you in the greek d/l blogs. do the right thing! to your favourite links & keep the blues flag high.!

BlackCatBone said...

nasai kala..