24 January 2009

Mike Bader - Clearcut Case of the Blues (2004)

1. Power Shaft Blues
2. Auf Wiedersehen Baby
3. Don't Want to Know
4. Octavio
5. Four Times the Pain
6. Clearcut Case of the Blues
7. Never Too Late
8. Shufflin' in A
9. Here I Am Now
10. Funky Ed
11. Any Kinda Day

Listed as one of the Top U.S. Blues Releases of 2004 in the 11th Annual Real Blues Awards, the debut album from Montana bluesman Mike Bader is sure to appeal to serious blues fans.

A review in REAL BLUES magazine states: "This is definitely one of the better independent releases of the year..." describing Bader's playing style as "Tough urban blues with a lot of barroom grit...He's got a biting, vintage Buddy Guy guitar sound and every one of the 11 tracks is a Bader original. Every song is fine Blues with 5 standouts."

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