11 January 2009

Josh Kirkland - Blues Fallin Down Like Rain

01 - Empty Bottle Sunrise
02 - Gypsy Soul
03 - Dark Side Of Town
04 - Love Is Blind
05 - Hardtime Blues
06 - These Blues Are Mine
07 - Wasted Times
08 - Hoochie Coochie man(live)
09 - Red House(live)
10 - Old Love

Josh is a young guitar player with a searing, Southern Rock style of blues, but he can play a lot of other styles as well. Raised in Georgia, the roots are evident in his playing and vocal delivery. There's more here than than the usual SRV clones that have plagued the marketplace in recent years. This is his first CD, and many of his influences are in the songs, but the potential is definitely there!

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