12 December 2008

Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith - Born In Arkansas (2008)

1. When I Left
2. Rub My Back
3. Money Talk
4. Ain't That A Shame
5. Old Woman Sweetheart
6. Dreamin'
7. Sitting Here Drinkin'
8. Born In Arkansas
9. World In An Uproar
10. I'm The Creeper
11. Can't Rest For Worry
12. Believe Me
13. Overcoat Mama

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith played drums with Muddy Waters for 15 years, putting the beat behind many Blues classics. On this disc he shines as an accomplished vocalist and harp player. All compositions are Willie Smith originals.
Born In Arkansas backing personnel includes: Bob Stroger, bass; Barrelhouse Chuck, piano; Billy Flynn, guitar; Little Frank Krakowski, guitar; Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith, drums.

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