08 December 2008

Nappy Brown - Long Time Coming (2007)

1. Keep On Pleasin' You
2. You Were A Long Time Coming
3. Don't Be Angry
4. Give Me Your Love
5. That Man
6. Right Time
7. Who
8. Cherry Red
9. Aw Shucks Baby
10. Every Shut Eye Ain't Sleepin'
11. Bye Bye Baby
12. Take Care Of Me

Nappy Brown was an R&B star in the 1950s, but he dropped below the radar for many years, making a brief comeback in the `80s. He re-emerged once more in time for what would be his swan song, 2007's aptly titled LONG TIME COMING. Its mix of classic R&B, jump blues, and Chicago sounds, energized by Brown's surprisingly youthful-sounding voice, ensured that Brown, who died in 2008, went out on a high note.

Personnel: Nappy Brown (vocals); Junior Watson, Kid Ramos, Sean Costello, Bob Margolin, Johnny Rapp (guitar); Mookie Brill (harmonica, bass guitar); Bob Corritore, John Nemeth (harmonica); Joe Sunseri (baritone saxophone); Clark Stern, Henry Gray (piano); Jim Pugh (Hammond b-3 organ); Mario Moreno (bass guitar); Big Joe Maher, Chico Chism (drums); The Broke And Hungry Quartet (background vocals); The Mighty Lester Horns.

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