19 November 2008

Alvin Youngblood Hart - Down in the Alley (2002)

1. Judge Bouche
2. How Long Before I Change My Clothes
3. Deep Blue Sea
4. Jinx Blues
5. Bootlegger's Blues
6. Alberta
7. Broke and Hungry
8. Devil Got My Woman
9. Chilly Winds
10. Tom Rushen Blues
11. Please Baby
12. Motherless Child

One of Alvin Youngblood Hart's most critically acclaimed albums, "Down In The Alley," is a solo outing that finds the blues world's preeminent "young turk" going back to the genre's acoustic roots.

"Down in the Alley" was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Traditional Blues Album.

Solo performer: Alvin Youngblood Hart (vocals, guitar, dobro, mandolin)

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