06 May 2009

Byther Smith - Blues On The Moon (2008)

1. Judge Of Honor
2. If You Love Me
3. Blues On The Moon
4. Give Up My Life For You
5. Hard Times
6. Your Mama's Crazy
7. If I Misused Someone
8. Monticello
9. So Mean To Me
10. Rock Me Baby
11. Don't Start Me Talkin'

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Anonymous said...

I was on the bill with Byther Smith on a Blues festival in Belgium a few years ago. He's the real deal and a real gentleman. We had a great time backstage while we were each waiting to go on. I hope everyone will go out and buy this and all of his CDs.

I just found a blog featuring one of my CDs. I've acquired so many great Blues CDs her and on other sites I don't mind letting you guys STEAL MY CD.

http://bandit59.blogspot.com/search/label/COSMO ST. CLAIR I hope you like it.