06 March 2009

Sonny Boy Williamson & the Yardbirds - Complete Crawdaddy Recordings

1. "Bye Bye Bird" (Williamson, Willie Dixon)
2. "Mister Downchild"
3. "23 Hours Too Long" (Williamson, Eddie Boyd)
4. "Out On The Water Coast"
5. "Baby Don't Worry"
6. "Pontiac Blues"
7. "Take It Easy Baby"
8. "I Don't Care No More"
9. "Do The Weston" (instrumental)
Bônus Tracks:
10. The River Rhine
11. A Lost Care
12. Western Arizona
13. Take It Easy Baby (version 2)
14. Slow Walk
15. Highway 69

Sonny Boy Williamson and The Yardbirds is a live album by English blues rock band the Yardbirds, recorded at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, Surrey, England on 8 December 1963

Sonny "Boy" Williamson II- Harmonica, Lead Vocals
Keith Relf - handclapping, shouting and foot-tapping
Eric Clapton - lead guitar
Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith - bass, backing vocals
Jim McCarty - drums, backing vocals

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