01 March 2009

Magic Slim - Live at B.L.U.E.S (1987)

01 Luv Somebody
02 Poorman But A Good Man, Gambler's Blues
03 Jimmie
04 Help Yourself
05 Mother Fuyer
06 That Will Never Do
07 Keep A Drivin

Captured at Chicago's intimate B.L.U.E.S. nightclub, this is surely one of the best live sets the quartet ever committed to tape. The vinyl time constraints limited the program to eight songs, but apart from a marathon "Mother Fuyer," and they're not his usual standards -- Chuck Willis's grinding "Keep a Drivin'," a resigned "Poor Man But a Good Man," and Slim's own "Help Yourself."

Magic Slim:vocas/guitar
John Primer:guitar
Nick Holt:bass
Nate Applewhite:drums