16 December 2008

Walter Trout and Friends - Full Circle (2006)

1. She Takes More Than She Gives - Walter Trout & John Mayall
2. Working Overtime - Walter Trout & Jeff Healey
3. Firehouse Mama - Walter Trout & Eric Sardinas
4. Who's Listenin' In - Walter Trout & Coco Montoya
5. Slap Happy - Walter Trout & Junior Watson
6. Wrapped Around Your Finger - Walter Trout & Guitar Shorty
7. Busy Man - Walter Trout & James Harman
8. Highway Song - Walter Trout & John Mayall
9. When Will It Ever Change - Walter Trout & Bernard Allison
10. Can't Help Falling Apart - Walter Trout & Finis Tasby
11. After Hours - Walter Trout & Deacon Jones
12. Clouds On The Horizon - Walter Trout & Joe Bonamassa
13. Full Circle - Walter Trout & Larry Keene

With Full Circle Walter Trout has realized a long held dream: To invite some of the musicians he admires and respects in the studio to compose and play together. Full Circle is a journey within the range of styles that is the blues genre. Full Circle is about sharing that format honestly and with integrity.

Full Circle is not just another Walter Trout CD! It is a celebration of where the blues world is, where it has been and where it is going. Walter s focus with Full Circle was to break down artificial barriers between the music of blues purists and blues rockers .

Full circle is about Walters desire to explore the many aspects of the Blues and show that there are no boundaries between musicians that respect each other.

His goal: To celebrate that the Blues is alive as a diverse art form; to show that the Blues is vibrant, and is not held hostage by the critics who want to brand, label and limit its expression.

With Full Circle, Walter and his friends are paying homage to the blues as a living testimony to the people and the places that create this honest form of music.

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