06 September 2008

Scott Henderson - Well To The Bone (2002)

01. Lady P
02. Hillbilly In The Band
03. Devil Boy
04. Lola Fay
05. Well To The Bone
06. Ashes
07. Sultan's Boogie
08. Dat's da Way It Go
09. That Hurts
10. Rituals

"Well To The Bone" is Scott Henderson's third solo outing and perhaps his best to date. Unlike the first two releases, "Dog Party" and "Tore Down House" which were heavily blues influenced, "Well to the Bone" is somewhat of an enigma and hard to categorize into any one genre. Nevertheless, the songs and guitar compositions are probably the best Henderson has ever penned. The songs range form dark and biting, almost Hendrix like ("Devil Boy") to the light and humorous ("Lola Ray" you can't take your cousin to bed...gene pool damage...six fingers and six toes.) The guitar playing is nothing short of brilliant sounding at times like Vai and Satriani and other times like Hendrix with a hint of Stevie Ray. This is a must have for electric guitarists particularly those that like experimentation.

Personnel: Scott Henderson (guitar); John Humphrey (bass); Kirk Covington (drums).


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