02 July 2008

The Blues Right Off - Our Blues Bag

A very little known group from Venice, but their only album, released in a very limited pressing, is among the rarest of the italian 70's rock.
Not really a progressive rock album, this is surely a progressive work, starting from its odd jute sack cover. It was also one of the first (or possibly THE first) LP's by an italian blues band, as the blues was considered in Italy as a music only reserved to foreign musicians during the 60's.
The band's leader, guitarist Claes Cornelius, was in fact a foreigner, from Denmark, that had moved to Italy in the mid-60's and soon played an important role in the beat era and afterwards.
He had founded with sound engineer Ermanno Velludo the Suono Recording Studio.

An incredibly rare album, Our blues bag changes hands for princely sums. It was privately pressed in 500 copies and housed in a cloth bag that was silkscreened with the band's and record name, and also contained a lithographic print by venetian artist Vittorio Basaglia.

01 One Mint Julie
02 Rushing Wish
03 Black Angel
04 Love's Gonna Show Up Someday
05 Leaving My Hometown
06 Born On The Highway
07 Miss D

Claes Cornelius (vocals, guitar)
Giancarlo Salvador (bass)
Fuffi Panciera (drums)
Paolo Zanella (flute, guitar)
+ Ermanno Velludo (sound engineer)

Leaving My Hometown

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