16 June 2008

Nick Gravenites and John Cippollina - Live in Athens at the Rodon

1 Walkin' Blues 6:48 (Robert Johnson, Arranged by Nick Gravenites)
2 Funky News 4:12 (Nick Gravenites)
3 Anna 6:18 (Nick Gravenites)
4 Get Together 5:58 (Chet Powers)
5 Born in Chicago 5:02 (Nick Gravenites)
6 Small Walk-In Box 9:46 (Nick Gravenites)
7 Four Floors or Forty 5:19 (Nick Gravenites)
8 You Can't Hurt Me No More 3:47 (Nick Gravenites)

Recorded live at the Rodon Club, Athens, Greece, on new year's eve 1987/88

John Cipollina Guitars, vocals
Nick Gravenites Guitars, vocals
Tony Johnson Drums
Doug Kilmer Bass, vocals


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