17 December 2011

Roy Buchanan - Guitar on Fire_The Atlantic Session (1993)

1. Ramon's Blues
2. The Heat of the Battle
3. Hidden
4. Green Onions
5. Judy
6. Adventures of Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby
7. Turn to Stone
8. Fly...Night Bird
9. Supernova
10. Down by the River
11. Running Out
12. Man on the Floor
13. Okay
14. My Friend Jeff
15. If Six Was Nine
16. The Msiah Will Come Again

This 16-track collection pulls together Roy Buchanan's best recordings from his short tenure with Atlantic Records in the mid '70s.

Personnel: Roy Buchanan (vocals, guitar); John Harrison (vocals, bass); Byrd Foster (vocals, drums); Gary St. Clair (vocals); Steve Cropper, Ray Gomez (guitar); Stanley Clarke (strings, flute, bass); Narada Michael Walden (piano, drums); Jan Hammer (piano); Malcolm Lukens (electric piano, organ); Dennis Parker, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Will Lee, Willie Weeks (bass); Dave Garibaldi, Andy Newmark, Gonzalo Sifre (drums); Luther Vandross, Krystal Davis, Alfa Anderson, David Lasley (background vocals).

Guitar on Fire: The Atlantic Sessions από Roy Buchanan by dimis papas on Grooveshark

Αυτή η συλλογή συγκεντρώνει τις καλύτερες εγγραφές του Roy Buchanan από τη σύντομη θητεία του στην Atlantic Records στα μέσα της δεκαετίας του '70.

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